The Rotonda
The Veneto Region is full of wonderful architecture, villas, palaces and gardens, places overflowing with history and culture. It is an extraordinary patrimony that includes thousands of exemplary models. The Villa Capra Valmarana called "La Rotonda" is the symbol of this patrimony: a masterpiece of harmony that appears as "the most beautiful dream of Palladio". It is situated a few kilometers from the center of Vicenza and is the most important building in the Berici Hills along with the Villa Valmarana ai Nani frescoed by the Tiepolo family, father and son.
Those passionate about the Villas and the art of Palladio can continue north to visit Villa Godi Malinverni or can follow an itinerary to the south and visit Villa Cordellina and Villa Pisani in Bagnolo, the first commission that Palladio received from a Venetian family, the Pisani family, who three centuries later built Villa Pisani in Strà to celebrate the election of Alvise Pisani as doge in 1735.
Villa Godi Malinverni
Here the garden still maintains the beautiful arrangement of the past, when lords and their guests used to spend the day walking through water fountains, flowers and labyrinths of hedges. Among all the gardens that still fascinate for their vegetation and arrangement, we cannot fail to mention Villa Barbarigo in Valsanzibio, the Italian-style garden of Villa Arvedi in Cuzzano di Grezzana, the romantic garden of Montegalda and the Botanical Garden in Padua.
Our itinerary can proceed to Villa Cornaro and Villa Contarini, Villa Badoer and Villa Nani Mocenigo, with a visit to Villa Emo and Villa Barbaro, as well, two of the greatest Palladian masterpieces by the Palladian artistic genius, frescoed respectively by Giambattista Zelotti and Paolo Veronese. It is also possible take part in an excursion along the Riviera del Brenta and the Terraglio, the sites along the river and on land that the noble Venetian families used to choose for their holidays. We recommend a relaxing and leisurely approach to this itinerary to truly appreciate the wonders of the Villas: Villa Foscari better known as the "Malcontenta", Villa Widmann, Villa Foscarini Rossi, Villa Duodo, Villa Albrizzi Franchetti, Villa "la Colombina", etc.
Olympic Theatre
Whether you travel by car or by public transportation you will discover that every city is different: Verona for its great history and civilization; Treviso for its beautiful frescoed houses; Padua famous for the University and the fashionable meeting places; Vicenza for its palaces; and then there is unforgettable Venice….
Whatever itinerary you choose, don't forget to visit the Olympic Theater, Palladio's last masterpiece, our inheritance from the renowned architect and the symbol of a culture that still lives and breathes in architecture itself.
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