CHIAVE di VOLTA is a service centre
that offers consulting and assistance for tourism in the Veneto.
Qualified personnel and official guides licensed by the Veneto Region are ready
to provide you with all the information you need about the most interesting tours
and to find the best solution for you and your groups.

In addition, we organise tours in Italian and in the main European and Far Eastern languages.
Quality and competence, including a broad experience in the sector,
are the foundation of our services.

If you wish your trip to be memorable give us a call.
We will provide you with the most important information including time schedules, programs and visits, and we will suggest the best solutions for your needs.

Contact us to book your guide services.
You will discover that a guided tour is much more than "a simple detail of your tour".

CHIAVE di VOLTA is located in Vicenza,
one of the cities on UNESCO's World Heritage List,
the city of gold industry and the city of Andrea Palladio.
Three good reasons to include it in your itinerary.

Tel. & Fax +39 0444 322031 - E-mail: