We are also specialized in out of the beaten path tours such as:
- tours of what is called Italia Minore, small cities and undiscovered buildings
- Italian garden tours
- art collection tours
- wine tasting tours
- cooking lessons

Some of our most interesting tours:

Art, Villas & Palladian cuisine
3 cooking lessons with famous local chefs based on XVI century tradition and food.
One of these lessons is held in a Palladian Villa.

1st day
Visit to the Villa and cooking lesson.

2nd day
Valpolicella and "andar di orto" cooking lesson.
Wine tasting in a traditional Tenuta and cooking lesson.
After lunch, walking tour in Verona.

3rd day
Visit of Palladio's famous architecture in Vicenza and wine tasting in the south area of the Berici Hills.

4th day
Padua and dinner at the restaurant of the chef with whom the group has performed the three lessons.

The choice of the cities to visit and the number of lessons can be changed according to the interests of your clients.

Nice gifts will be distributed during the lessons.

Gardens and parks
Villa Godi and the Italian garden
Villa Barbarigo and the Baroque garden
Villa Pisani and the garden of the "Delizie"

The choice of the villas to visit can be changed according to the interests of your clients.

Antique markets and paintings in Villas
This tour is dedicated to those clients who are interested in antiques and art, and would like to find original and true old pieces of Italian art.

Visit to the most famous antique markets in Asolo and Piazzola sul Brenta with specialized experts.

Contact us to personalize your program.

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